Please find below our most frequently asked questions:

What is fundr? How does it work?

Fundr is a social crowdfunding platform developed for projects that help change the impact we make within our communities, from the creation of urban community gardens to the implementation of zero carbon city centre vehicles, fundr’s purpose is to connect capital with campaigns.

We are here to revolutionise the way communities thrive and grow, making it easy to implement changes they feel their community needs, and back them up by helping to find the capital investment required, not only from other locals but also from local business, regional councils, and grant bodies across the UK and Europe.

What are the fees? Is there any charges?

Fundr fees

Fundr charges a 5% flat platform fee, plus an optional 3.5% project management and marketing fee. The 5% fee pays for the development and maintenance of our social crowdfunding platform, the process of verifying projects, and the support that we provide, the 3.5% project management and marketing fee helps towards our staff costs for the allocated Project Manager you are paired with after you have submitted your project for review, the marketing fee is to maximise the impact your project can have in order to fully fund the campaign in the least time possible.

These 5% + 3.5% fees are calculated from your total project costs and are automatically added onto your campaign total (3.5% is optional). So, if a project needs to raise £100, a £5 platform fee and a £3.50 project management and marketing fee will be automatically added, giving a total of £108.50.

Fundr’s fee continues to apply to funds raised during over funding.

Transaction fees

There are also transaction fees which fundr have calculated a flat fee of only 1.5% overall. This cost is estimated at the beginning of your campaign and is automatically added onto your total project cost. Fundr do have a fee recovery option on all projects to minimise the transaction fees charged.

£100 (project costs) + £8.50 (fundr fees) + £1.50 (transaction fees) = £110 (total amount to raise).

Do fundr use Gift Aid?

Yes, fundr use the Gift Aid reclaim option so for every £1.00 donated, an additional 25p will be donated by the UK Government.

Who can create projects?


If you’re an individual, community group, school, company, or council, you can create a project on fundr, as long as the project idea itself is eligible.

You can check our eligibility criteria below.

Is my project eligible for fundr?

At fundr were all about helping transform our local communities!

  • Projects cannot be solely to fund courses, classes, or ongoing work.
  • Projects cannot be solely for charitable fundraising.
  • Projects must be in the U.K.
  • Projects can be led by any type of organisation or individual.
  • Projects on fundr must clearly show how it could impact a public space for the benefit of the community. This can be something that directly improves an area, such as painting a street mural or repurposing a disused building, something that can lead onto community improvement, such as a feasibility study or planning consultation, or something temporary that brings people together such as organising a festival or event. The project can be either permanent or temporary, and funding can be sought for both revenue and capital costs.

Fundr projects happen in shared spaces, which can be owned and managed either privately or publicly, but for the purpose of the project must be open and accessible to the community, and anyone else who wants to see it be used, or use it themselves.

Still unsure if your idea is one for fundr?

If you can answer yes to these questions then your idea is probably eligible for fundr.

  • Does my idea transform a shared, or publicly accessible space in the UK, either temporarily or permanently?
  • Am I crowdfunding for a project with a clear deliverable for my backers, as opposed to funding running costs of an organisation?
  • Would my project help to enhance our shared lives and bring communities together?

Upload the basic shell of your idea and send a link to– we’ll check it and offer advice on how best to proceed.

Fundr Guidelines

Fundr is open to anyone looking to create something amazing within their community but we do have a few guidelines all project makers must follow.

Number 1. Everything on fundr must be a project.

A project is something with a clear end, like building a playground, planting a tree, or putting on a festival. A project will eventually be completed, and something tangible will be produced as a result. Success.

Number 2. Projects must be civic.

Projects must have a civic value, meaning the benefit should be felt in the places we share, rather than our private homes and offices. Projects can be permanent (like a new playground) or temporary (like an event) and they can include revenue as well as capital costs.

Number 3. It doesn’t matter who you are.

Creating projects is open to any organisation or person over the age of 18 and based in the UK. If you’re an organisation it doesn’t matter what your legal structure is – for example whether you’re a charity or a for-profit business. Everybody is welcome to get involved.

Are those the only guidelines?

Those are the main three, but below is a list of specific uses of fundr that are not allowed.

What is not allowed?

Fundr cannot be used to raise money for causes, whether it’s a charity run for Oxfam or a fundraiser for the work of a local conservation group. Other sites will be better suited to fundraising for these causes.

Projects cannot offer equity or financial incentives (share of profits, ownership, the repayment of loans or cash-value equivalents).

No offensive projects (e.g. murals with racist content) or projects that promote political or religious ideologies. And keep it clean folks. You know who you are.

Projects cannot offer rewards that offer entry to raffles, lotteries, or participation in gambling. That includes Vegas style blackjack to the Village tombola.

No projects outside the UK. Yet.

How do I edit my profile? (Name, email, etc.)


You can change your name in your Dashboard > Edit.

If you’ve agreed to be the Project Delivery Manager of a project you won’t be able to edit your name. Please contact for help with this.

Email address

You can change your email address in your Dashboard > Edit.


You can change your password in your Dashboard > Edit.


You can edit your biography by going to your Dashboard using the icon in the top right of your screen.

Profile Image

You can edit profile image by going to your Dashboard using the icon in the top right of your screen, then clicking edit.

How do I delete my fundr account?

You can request for your account to be deleted in your account settings, by clicking Delete Account.

Fundr will then check if your account for deletion, and if so remove all data immediately. Your account may not be able to be deleted automatically if you have a project that is either fundraising or successful, or you have backed a project that is currently fundraising. If your account falls in to one of these categories, please email with a request to delete your account.