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Sport in the community is playing a big role when it comes to tackling obesity in children and adults, and now it’s also helping the elderly generations become more active to improve general health & wellbeing.

Here at fundr we are actively looking for sports clubs and athletic associations that are seeking funding opportunities to help in the following areas:

  • Funding for the design & development of new on-site buildings and facilities
  • Funding for the refurbishment of existing on-site buildings and facilities
  • Funding for renovations to on-site buildings or facilities to comply with current health & safety standards and disabled access laws
  • Funding for the update of existing equipment inventories
  • Funding for additional educational studies and/or training for the direct staff and team members
  • Funding for events that bring the community together and get the community into sport

If you would like to discuss your sport related project with the fundr team please click the contact us button below

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