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Current amount available in fundr connect grants!

What is a fundr connect grant?

The fundr connect grant is a non-repayable fund that will help to implement digital fundraising technology into your not for profit organisation. This grant funding can help towards the development and implementation costs associated with creating your very own fundraising platform, enabling you to expand your fundraising capabilities from local donations, to global funders! 

The fundr connect grant is financially backed by fundr and our funding partners, and with more funding partners coming on board every day, we aim to reach over £1m+ in available fundr connect grant funding by the end of 2020.

Funding platforms such as crowdfunding are an ideal way to help attract more global funders to your organisation, enabling you to achieve more by doing less.

Why don’t I just use a third-party crowdfunding or fund-finding platform for my fundraising?

Your brand is very valuable! Why would you want to blend in on other crowdfunding platforms, when you can STAND OUT on your very own, fully customised, crowdfunding and fund-finding platform! Your custom crowdfunding platform can be be fully managed and maintained by fundr, including all behind the scenes processes such as general campaign enquiries, FAQ’s and donated funds distribution, we can even host it on our secure AWS server! 

To find out if your organisation is eligible for a fundr connect grant, please contact our grants team on 0203 670 1231 or complete the online application form by clicking the ‘Apply Here’ button below*.


It's simple to apply for the fundr connect grant,
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*Eligibility criteria and T&C’s apply. The fundr connect grant can only be used for up to 80% of the total platform development costs, maximum of £10,000.00 grant per organisation.