Hexham Rotary – New Cancer Treatment Development

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Hexham Rotary – New Cancer Treatment Development

We’re funding a “mission critical” piece of equipment at Newcastle University.

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Hexham, UK, United Kingdom (UK)


Our new project is to fund the purchase of a “mission critical” piece of equipment required to enhance the discovery of new cancer medicines at Newcastle University. The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation is one charity which works closely with Newcastle University to find more effective ways to detect and treat cancer.

The Cancer Research UK Drug Discovery Group at Newcastle University is focused on the discovery of new anti-cancer medicines in an area of high unmet need, in fact a “last chance saloon”. It is no exaggeration to say that lives and quality of life will be positively influenced directly as a result of their unique and vital research. To date, the group has successfully contributed to the development of four new treatments for cancer, two of which are already available and in use with two others being evaluated in clinical trials with cancer patients. These developments exploit recent advances in our understanding of the molecular genetic basis of cancer.



These new cancer drugs are made by chemists and tested by biologists. Chemists put together a potential new drug using small chemical fragments in reactions that take place in liquids. To make one new drug for testing by biologists a chemist may need to conduct 10 separate reactions, so for each drug which can enter clinical trials with cancer sufferers, chemists have to conduct many thousands of these reactions. After each reaction the liquid, known as the solvent is removed in order to move to the next step. Removal of the solvent is an essential step in the process; removal by hand is time consuming and can be done more effectively and safely by machine. The equipment we wish to purchase is such a machine, its use will mean that more drug candidates can be produced, leading to the availability of more treatments.



The cost of this cancer treatment equipment, together with a necessary 5-year service contract requirement is £38,500. 



All of us are touched in some way by cancer; successful research to develop new treatments has already proved successful. Please help us to “Make a Difference”.

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    • 03-02-2020 

      Crowdfunding Project Launched

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