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What is MoneyMagnet®?

MoneyMagnet® is a team of professional financiers who have an accumulative 45 years’ experience in the project investment sector, coupled with a contact list that’s almost as long as The Great Wall of China, together they make the ultimate project investment team.

How can MoneyMagnet® help me?

MoneyMagnet® can help relieve the pressure from sourcing funding, investment and sponsorship for your project.

The sometimes simple thought task of raising funding and investment for projects can end up being a time consuming endless task with no positive outcome, this impacts on the project goal and you end up falling into an abyss of form filling, data gathering and destined to fail situation before you’ve even started! 

The Money Team at MoneyMagnet® can take the pressure off you by taking charge of these tasks on your project. All tasks carried out for you are kept in strict confidence so only yourself and your allocated MoneyMagnet® Account Manager will know the ins and outs of your project financials. 

What is the cost for the MoneyMagnet® service?

MoneyMagnet® can act as the part or the main money source when sourcing funding, investment and sponsorship for your project. MoneyMagnet® can charge for its services on a daily rate or open a credit account for project percentage rates.

Who do MoneyMagnet® approach for funding, investment and sponsorship?

MoneyMagnet® use a variety of sources to help fund projects, below is a selection of public grant makers that we currently approach, we also have our selection of private grant makers, private funders and private sponsors who we also approach on your behalf. 

Funding for projects that bring together the community and local authorities to design and implement services in partnership.

£2.5m is available for partnerships between community groups and local authorities to support projects to develop local solutions in specific neighbourhoods, or across a greater area, or even across a local authority or service delivery boundaries.

This fund is being administered by DCLG – all enquiries and funding information is available on the DCLG website below.

Communities Fund 

Sports clubs and community organisations can apply for investment from Sport England’s Community Asset Fund –  the capital fund dedicated to enhancing the spaces in your local community that give people the opportunity to be active.

As well as traditional sports facilities where people enjoy physical activity, there are thousands of outdoor spaces up and down the country – like canal towpaths, woodlands and open spaces – all with great potential to be used and enjoyed as part of an active lifestyle.

Sport England are keen to hear from any sports club or community organisation with a great idea that will make a difference to the places where people play sport and get active.

Community Asset Fund 

Big Lottery Fund offers grants to community and voluntary groups and charities from £300 to more than £500,000. They also make available information to identify the most suitable funding programme for different types of projects.

Big Lottery Fund 

Independent trust Power to Change offers business development support and grants for new and existing community businesses in England.

If you are looking to start or grow your community-owned and run business, connect with other locally-rooted community businesses for advice and learn precious skills to make your business accountable to local people, sustainable and successful, Power to Change can guide you on your community business journey.

Power to Change 

Awards for All gives groups a quick and easy way to get small Lottery grants of between £300 and £10,000. They want to fund projects which address the issues, needs and aspirations of local communities and people.

Awards for All 

The Big Assist Programme is for voluntary sector infrastructure organisations In England. This is a partnership between the Big Lottery Fund and NCVO. If you are an infrastructure organisation looking to meet the changing environment and seeking to adapt the way you operate, this could help you.

Big Assist Programme 

Reaching Communities funding is for projects that help people and communities most in need. Grants are available from £10,000 upwards and funding can last for up to five years. They can fund salaries, running costs and can contribute towards core costs and equipment.

Reaching Communities 

For heritage building projects, investigate the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Heritage Lottery Fund provides grants to help sustain the country’s heritage – from museums and historic places to archaeology, natural environment and cultural traditions.

Heritage Lottery Fund 

Sport England focuses investment on organisations and projects that will grow and sustain participation in grassroots sports, create opportunities for young people to excel in sport and support local authorities to unlock local funding.

Sport England 

The Arts Council England is the national development agency for the arts in England, distributing public money from the Government and the National Lottery.

For further information about Big Lottery Funding please see the lottery funding finder by clicking on the link below.

Arts Council 

Biffa Award helps to build communities by supporting projects that will be of lasting environmental benefit, increase or maintain biodiversity, improve quality of life and foster vibrant communities. They provide grants that provide and improve public amenities for communities within 10 miles of a Biffa operation through the Landfill Communities Fund.

Biffa Award 

The Coalfield Regeneration Trust is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Britain’s former mining communities. They lead the way in coalfield regeneration and aim to fund projects that are seeking to tackle a number of issues including geographical isolation, and exclusion from services.

Coalfield Regeneration Trust 

Community Foundations are one of the UK’s biggest non-statutory community grant-makers. UK Community Foundations manage funds donated by both individuals and organisations. You can find your nearest community foundation through the Community Foundation Network website.

Community Foundations 

The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation is one of the largest independent grant-making foundations in the UK. Their aim is to improve the quality of life for people and communities in the UK both now and in the future.

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation 

Ernst Trust gives grants to registered charities, schools and not for profit organisations wishing to encourage young people’s interest in the country, the environment, the arts, or aiming to raise levels of literacy and numeracy.

Ernst Trust 

The Football Foundation provides grants and funding, to deliver programmes for new and improved community sports facilities in towns and cities across the country.

Football Foundation 

Hilton in the Community Foundation focuses on children and young people, the foundation works to improve the quality of education and the provision of health care to relieve suffering and equip individuals. Through targeted grant allocation the foundation supports the smaller charities that might otherwise be overlooked.

Hilton in the Community Foundation 

Nesta runs a number of funding programmes to include the Nesta Impact Investments. A £25 million fund investing in life-changing innovations that help tackle the major challenges faced by older people, children and communities in the UK.


Two Lloyds Bank Foundation funding programmes invest in charities supporting people to break out of disadvantage at critical points in their lives, and promote practical approaches to lasting change.

INVEST – A flexible, long term core funding programme for organisations delivering clear, targeted outcomes for disadvantaged people.

ENABLE – A smaller and shorter grants programme for organisations that have identified clear development needs.

Lloyds Bank Foundation 

The Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) is a £15 million programme, jointly funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC). It supports rural communities in England to develop renewable energy projects which provide economic and social benefits to the community.

Rural Community Energy Fund 

SUEZ Communities Trust supports community and environmental improvement projects through the Landfill Communities Fund and Scottish Landfill Communities Fund.

SUEZ Communities Trust 

RBS’s Skills and Opportunities Fund is offering a pool of £2.5m to fund projects in charities, social enterprises, community groups, state-funded schools and colleges across the UK and Ireland. The purpose of this funding is to support organisations that help people in disadvantaged communities develop, create or access the skills and opportunities they need to help themselves; skills that will enable them to get into work or start a business, now or in the future.

Skills and Opportunities Fund – RBS 

The Social Investment Business raises and connects capital to achieve the maximum possible social impact in the UK. They work to provide simple finance for extraordinary charities and social enterprises in the form of loans, grants and other investment products.

Social Investment Business 

The Tudor Trust is an independent grant making trust supporting both voluntary and community groups working in the UK. They support smaller, community-led organisations which work directly with people who are at the margins of society.

The Tudor Trust 

The Veolia Trust supports a wide range of community and environmental projects throughout the UK. The Trust funds projects that come under specific categories of the Landfill Communities Fund.

Veolia Environmental Trust 

The money raised from the 5p bag charge in Tesco stores in England, Wales and Scotland is being used to pay for a large number of local projects to improve green spaces in communities.

Bags of Help grant scheme, which is managed by Groundwork, awards grants each year in around 400 Tesco regions. In total the Bags of Help programme supports thousands of projects each year.

Tesco Bags Of Help 

The Greggs Foundation is a grant making trust, distributing around £1.8 million per year to charitable organisations throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Their Local Community Projects Fund makes small grants of up to £2,000 to help organisations based in local communities to deliver activities that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Greggs Foundation 

People’s Postcode Trust exists to try to make the world a better place through short-term, designated funding for projects that focus on the prevention of poverty, support healthy living initiatives and uphold human rights for some of society’s most vulnerable groups. It will also consider projects which help different communities come together for the benefit of their local area.

People’s Postcode Trust