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Age UK and Cadbury partner for campaign to tackle loneliness

A YouTube film has been released to promote the link up that sees the chocolate brand remove words from its products and donate 30p for every bar sold.

Age UK has linked up with chocolate brand Cadbury for a campaign to address loneliness among older people.

The campaign sees Cadbury remove all words from its chocolate packaging on special bars, with 30p from each sale being donated to Age UK.

This is being promoted online by the charity via its website, that includes a two minute film made by Cadbury. Entitled “Donate Your Words”, this film is also available via Youtube.

This highlights the donations being made by Cadbury through the marketing initiative but also how important it is for the public to spend some time talking with an older person to tackle loneliness.

Struggle with loneliness

“There’s a crisis in the UK. 1.4 million older people struggle with loneliness. 225,000 often go a whole week without speaking to anyone. Cadbury are donating the words from their Cadbury Dairy Milk bars to help,” says a statement on the Age UK website.

It adds: “A friendly ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’ is something most of us take for granted – it’s just part of every day. But hundreds of thousands of older people in the UK will spend today alone, with no one to share even a few simple words with.”

Further online advice by the charity to combat loneliness states: “A smile and a wave could make a huge difference to those people.

“We all feel awkward sometimes, so it’s totally understandable that you might not want to stop and have a conversation. Never underestimate the power of a quick ‘good morning’ though.”

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