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Ant and Dec star in Guide Dogs online promotion

The charity is focusing the celebrity backed campaign on how it supports guide dogs from birth to retirement.

Guide Dogs has recruited TV personalities Ant and Dec for online promotion of its Pups to Partnerships appeal.

The appeal launches this week to highlight the charity’s long term work training puppies to become guide dogs to help those living with sight loss.

For the campaign Ant and Dec are starring in an online video, which is being promoted on social media and Youtube, where they meet two guide dog puppies that have been named after them.

“We’re so proud to be part of the Pups to Partnerships campaign; not only do we get to meet these adorable puppies but we also get to hear about the great work that Guide Dogs does,” said Ant and Dec.

Ant and Dec are also using their social media channels to promote the Guide Dogs campaign.

The campaign is specifically looking to fund seven guide dogs from “birth to retirement” and is hoping to raise £420,000 in a month.

The puppies benefitting include the online film’s canine stars Ant and Dec, as well as Harry, Prue, Jamie, Sandra and Cookie.

“The number of people in the UK living with sight loss is increasing,” said the charity.

“Today, there are nearly two million people living with sight loss severe enough to have a significant impact on their daily lives.”

“Join us this October and help fund the lifetime cost of seven guide dog partnerships, that will give freedom and independence to people living with sight loss.”

Fundraising being promoted online includes tips on organising events such as tea parties and quizzes, as well as dress down days.

There is also an online pay now feature, offering single donation, monthly giving and legacy donation options.

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