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Arts and tech charity nets £250,000 for digitally inclusive projects

The award by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation has been made to help the Institute of Imagination ensure digitally excluded and disadvantaged families have access to technology.

Arts, sciences and technology charity the Institute of Imagination has been awarded £250,000 to reach more digitally excluded and disadvantaged people across the UK.

The award to the charity has been made by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to support inclusive programmes targeting families who are disadvantaged due to not having access to technology they may not be able to access in their home or at school.

The charity is aiming to ensure that half of its programmes reach digitally excluded and disadvantaged families.

This will include sponsored places for disadvantaged families at holiday skills camps, family events as well as outreach and community work in London.

Supporting children with special educational needs, those in hospital and targeting primary age young people are also included in initiatives being funded through the award.

In addition, the funding will be used to help the Institute of Imagination carry out research into its work supporting creative learning.

Coding and robotics

The charity’s work includes teaching skills in areas such as coding and robotics.

“Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s support puts rocket boosters under our programme development and helps us to deliver our fundamental goal – to spark imaginations everywhere.”  said Gareth Binns, Chief Executive, Institute of Imagination.

“With this support, we can develop innovative and inclusive programmes to reach those most at need of creative learning experiences.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation Chief Executive Moira Sinclair added: “At Paul Hamlyn Foundation we believe that imagination and creativity are powerful and potentially life changing tools for many young people experiencing disadvantage.

“This is even more important in a world where the future is full of possibilities and challenges that many of us haven’t yet dreamed of.

“Increasing access to opportunity for young people and their families to explore and learn together, we hope, will not only be enjoyable but important in developing new skills that can help every young person to realise their potential.”

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