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Christian Aid boosts range of virtual gifts

The charity’s digital fundraising efforts have been bolstered with the addition of virtual gifts offering support to women and their children in areas of deprivation across the world.

Christian Aid has boosted the array of virtual gifts it is offering ahead of Christmas in a bid to support disadvantaged women.

The focus of this year’s seasonal gifts in its virtual gift shop Charity Gifts is to help women, particularly mothers, who are living in poverty.

Combatting the effects of gender inquality is a key aim of the digital fundraising move.

Among the gifts is a £19 donation to provide a woman in India with training in tailoring. This would help break the generational cycle of poverty and help her send her children to school, says the charity.

Another gift is for a weaving loom for a woman in Afghanistan to help her earn an income. This costs £40.

An emergency shelter costing £28 for a woman and her family in Afghanistan to protect from the region’s hot summers and harsh winters is another.

Among the most expensive of the new offerings is a £93 child-friendly space to help children living in a refugee camp feel safe again.

The cheapest is a £7 virtual gift to provide a family in Bangladesh with a turkey for income as well as food.

Alternative to traditional presents

“We are encouraging the public to buy ethically this Christmas and consider buying a charity gift present, instead of a traditional one, for their friends and family, “ said Christian Aid’s Head of Strategic Communications Deborah Auty.

“We have a wide range of gifts, which will appeal to adults and children alike, with prices to suit all budgets.

“Every purchase acts as a donation to the work of Christian Aid and its local partners. Each present is accompanied by a lively card explaining more about the gift and the related project.”

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