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Digital face lift for Rethink Mental Illness

In response to the rising demand for mental heath awareness and support, Rethink Mental Illness has undergone a website revamp to provide just that.

Catering to those in crises and healthcare professionals, the charity’s new platform delivers information for users, includes portals for fundraisers, and details about mental health symptoms.

Rethink Mental Illness‘ new website comes as a response to demand for mental heath awareness, information, and support.

In partnership with Dam Digital, the new site has been designed with customers in mind, with quicker access to information and support. The website is the first digital update for the charity since 2011.

“We really wanted our new site to bring a complete packaged experience to our users. We knew the site was due for a refresh and Dam’s approach to reimagining the user experience was immediately in line with exactly what we had intended.

They clearly cared about our audience from the very beginning, and we are absolutely overwhelmed with the response to the new site so far,” said James Harris, Associate Director for Communications at Rethink Mental Illness comments.

The reason behind the partnership:

Working closely with Dam Digital, the website will be used by fundraisers, carers, campaigners, health professionals and recipients. Local information, including events, can also be found in its webpages.

The site is also optimised for smart phone so that confidential information remains protected. The new functionality is an upgrade from the previous site.

Nadia Turan, Executive Creative Director at Dam Digital said: “Mental health is such a core issue at the moment, touching so many lives, and it has been fantastic for us to create this fresh digital platform for such an incredible charity. The shared goal of communicating that you do not have to face mental illness alone gave us serious motivation and made it a rewarding experience for the entire agency.”

For the Rethink Mental Illness and Dam Digital, the website is an opportunity to not only support those with mental illness, but to help direct support to the 60,000 people a year in England who go through crises.

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