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European charities behind rest of world in accepting online donations

The 2019 Global NGP Technology Report shows that while around a half of European charities are not using their websites for online donations they are among the best in the world for digital security.

Only around half of charity websites in Europe are able to accept online donations, leaving them lagging behind many other non-profit organisations across the globe, research has found.

However, in areas such as online shopping (ecommerce), advertising, mobile texting and security European charities are among the most tech-savvy in the world.

The 2019 Global NGP Technology Report found that while 95% of charities and not for profit groups in Europe have a website, just 56%  can use this web presence to accept online donations.

This is 8% below the global average. In Africa, for example, 64% of third sector groups accept credit card payments on their website.

But the report, by Funraise and Nonprofit Tech for Good, found that 86% of European charitable organisations have a privacy policy on their website, which is more than any other region. The report says the impact of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules have been a strong factor in promoting online security issues among charities.

In addition, 26% have an online store, which is the highest rate worldwide. European charities also top the global rankings in purchasing Google Ads and using text-to-give technology.

European charities are also the most likely globally to invest in advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Data security

Other findings are that four out of ten Euroepean charities protect their data through encryption technology.

There has also been an increase in regular email updates from charities in Europe, up from 57% to 80% over the last year. Of those that send these updates, 39% send them monthly, with 13% sending weekly updates to supporters’ inboxes.

This is the fourth edition of the report, that is biennial and looks at the use of social media, fundraising tools, email, mobile technology and productivity software among more that 5,700 non-government organisations in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australian and New Zealand, Latin America, the Caribbean as well as the US and Canada.

“A decade ago, NPOs in Europe that had a mobile website and a Facebook Page were at the forefront of technology, said Aris Souras, Manager at the Greece based charity support organization Higgs.

“Today, those tools are standard practice. Early-adopter NPOs are now shifting their focus to mastering the tools of the AI Revolution—chatbots, voice commands, and machine learning.”

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