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Girlguiding launches online plastic pollution awareness push

Girlguiding launches #PlasticPromise, the UK’s biggest ever girl-led campaign to tackle plastic pollution, with TV presenter Liz Bonnin.

The campaign wants girls to take to social media to ensure that messages around the dangers of single use plastic pollution reach the public, politicians and businesses.

Girlguiding is launching an online campaign to encourage people to tackle plastic pollution.

The campaign is using the #PlasticPromise hashtag across social media to ask girls to urge their family, friends, businesses, the public and politicians to commit to reducing the use of single-use plastic.

The social media push is also inviting people to share their promise to help promote the campaign further this week. This includes to MPs.

dedicated website has been created by Girlguiding, which features a prominent pledge button for people to make their #PlasticPromise and a running total of promises made to reduce plastic waste.

Visitors can also click on an environmental image to see what impact plastic pollution is having on the world.

A choice of promises have been made for people to choose from.

  1. Start using a reusable water bottle
  2. Start using an alternative to disposable cutlery
  3. Start using a reusable box or reusable wrapping instead of clingfilm
  4. Start using a reusable coffee cup
  5. Stand up and speak out about cutting plastic waste – and make big brands listen

Digital pledge badge

Once a promise is made they are rewarded with a digital #PlasticPromise badge via the pledge website.

“We all need to take action to create the change our planet needs,” said TV presenter Liz Bonnin, who is fronting the campaign.

“Today, thousands of girls all over the UK are making their #PlasticPromise, leading by example and inspiring others to be part of the solution too. I am joining forces with these powerful young women to say to those who can enforce change where it matters most: treat the future of our children and our planet with the respect they deserve.

“These girls and young women want you to act now, for their future. They are here to make their voices heard – and you must listen, before it’s too late.”

Girlguiding Chief Executive Angela Salt said: “Plastic pollution is a defining issue of our time. It has mobilised girls and young women in Girlguiding because they’re worried about their future.

“If each of girls and volunteers in Girlguiding makes a #PlasticPromise – nearly half a million people – we can make a big impact as a powerful force for change. Girlguiding is here to support girls to make a difference for their future.”

According to a Girlguiding survey around three quarters (76 per cent) of 11-21 year girls believe it is a good idea to encourage plastic bottle recycling by giving people money back when they return their bottles to shops.

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