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Immersive tech helps those with limited mobility interact with their environment

Charities have helped fund an immersive tech powered school classroom that responds to body movement of pupils to help them interact with their environment.

Charities have helped fund an immersive tech powered school classroom responding to the body movement of pupils on the autism spectrum.

The room deploys information from an overhead camera to use images, video and audio files to offer pupils an immersive experience.

The CareTech and COSARAF Foundations have donated £10,000 to help Springhallow School in Ealing, London pay for the room.

The aim of the immersive tech is to support those with limited movement to interact with and alter their environment.

Improving wellbeing

Speaking at the room’s launch Ealing Councillor Linda Burke said: “It was a great experience to see the portable interactive floor system that was bought with the generous donation from these two Foundations – and to see the students enjoying using it. I would like to express my thanks to these organisations and to the staff of the school for their continuing good work.”

Haroon Sheikh, Chair of the CareTech Foundation added: “At the CareTech Foundation, we are committed to supporting the community and giving those with learning difficulties every opportunity to get the most out of life.

“We were thrilled to be invited back to Springhallow school to see at first-hand the impact that the new interactive floor system is having, and to hear from staff on the positive effects this system has had on each pupil’s wellbeing”.

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