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Mobile phone technology could be used to tackle Alzheimer’s disease

Nazarbayev University

The electromagnetic frequency used in mobile phones could help in the treatment age related dementia.

Scientists are investigating how mobile phone technolgy can help treat those affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

The research is being carried out by academics at Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan, and could revolutionise how care charities and health organisations support people with this form of age-related dementia.

Scientists at the university are studying how the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields of mobile phones can be used in Alzheimer’s therapy.

The cause of the disease is related to the death of nerve cells and scientists are looking at how mobile phones’ electromagnetic field of 918 MHz frequency may tackle this.

“Building on the work of scientists from the USA, who conducted experiments with the same parameters in a six-month period, we used human and rat cultures – model cells – and shorter exposure periods of 60 minutes,” said Researcher Andrey Tsoy.

“The results of our studies, obtained by irradiation of cells with an electromagnetic field frequency of 918 MHz in a period of up to 24 hours, confirmed the ability of the electromagnetic field to suppress oxidative stress, which indicates the possible therapeutic effect.”

“Thus, irradiation with an electromagnetic field frequency of 918 MHz can probably be used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease patients.”

The university is looking to continue researching the link between mobile phone frequency and Alzheimer’s disease.

Digital support for those with dementia

Last year technology provider Ricoh launched a digital postcard tool to help those affected by dementia.

The tool uses personalised images to help patients with Alzheimer’s to stay connected.

Also last year charity innovation foundation Nesta revealed how apps are helping people affected by dementia.

The Dementia Citizens project involved designing two apps that incorporated activities such as creating a life story book or personal playlist.

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