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Oxfam digital offerings combat fall in fundraising

Oxfam is simplifying its digital fundraising approach and putting the focus on audience needs, in response to a fall in fundraising income.

Oxfam is overhauling its donation systems and supporter-facing digital in response to a fall in fundraising income.

Looking at Oxfam’s accounts over the past three years, while there was an increase in legacy donations, overall donations fell and other funding sources stalled, contrasting to overall trends found in similar sized charities.

Responding to a falling fundraising income, the charity has been simplifying its fundraising strategy. Going forward the charity is making its fundraising efforts more audience-friendly.

Oxfam’s director of engagement Nicola Tallett, said: “In terms of challenges, two years ago we saw that our supporters were being put off by the complexity of the Oxfam offer, sometimes receiving mixed messages and communications about campaigns, shopping and giving.”

“So we changed our strategy to become audience-centric, to ensure that it made sense from a supporter’s perspective. This has resulted in greater engagement, especially with digital.”


Improved digital offering

Tallett also said the charity’s new digital products were also starting to gain improved results.

“Our Oxfam App enables us to keep in contact with our supporters, showing them the total of their contributions to our work and the value of the sales of their items donated through our shops,” she said.

“Being able to show supporters the difference their contributions make is vital and we find that this drives greater engagement with people.”

Oxfam also recently launched it own lottery and engaging with the People’s Postcode Lottery. Both lotteries use subscription monies to support Oxfam endeavours and are regulated by the Gambling Commission UK. Tallett noted that both these offerings have found favour with the public.

The app and the partnership with the Postcode Lottery had been “particularly successful from a standing start” and between them had raised more than £3.5m in 2018, she said.

“Another recent success is the Oxfam Online Shop, through which our physical, high-street shops can list and sell their donated stock,” Tallett said. “The income from this is growing year on year as people become more conscious of fast fashion and recycling.”

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