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UK start-up launches charity social network

A new social network for charities, volunteers and companies helps people raise awareness of causes, find opportunities and look for corporate investments.

WokenUp, a new social media platform for non-profits, volunteers and companies looking for investment has launched its first £250,000 crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube.

Connecting people who want to do good, WokenUp aims to make a difference in social and environmental issues with the aim of scaling the impact that they make.

Simon Puleston Jones, founder of WokenUp said: “Social media is broken. It’s become a self-centred echo chamber where you simply vent about what’s angering you and where algorithms dictate what you’re able to read.”

“The team are creating something that will open your eyes to an important community that is currently drowned out by the noise of self-serving content on existing platforms. A community of individuals and organisations who are focused on helping others and taking action to address our greatest challenges.”

“WokenUp will be a unique ‘social network for good’ that will enable you to find opportunities to help others and inspire action by showing the contribution you are making across a range of issues that matter to you. Rather than being manipulated by algorithms you don’t understand and can’t see, you’re in control of what you can engage with on the platform thanks to our topic-led approach.”

The platform will use references to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with hashtags aggregating ‘snippets’ of data. This will encourage users to communicate clearly and demonstrate impact directly linked to those goals.

WokenUp is also currently in fundraising mode and seeking £250,000 (15% equity stake) with already more than £105,000 invested.

Puleston Jones concluded: “People want to work for, buy from and invest in companies with purpose.  They expect companies to be part of the solution to today’s challenges. Websites and the infinite scroll of LinkedIn newsfeeds are not effective in communicating the action they are taking.”

“Corporate Social Responsibility messaging can also feel righteous, ‘worthy’ or too business-like. WokenUp is specifically designed to enable companies to effectively communicate their corporate values to the public and to demonstrate the impact that they are making on today’s pressing social and environmental issues in a way that engages its consumers, staff and the wider public alike.”

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