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WWF links up with messaging app for tiger conservation fundraiser

The charity’s partnership with Viber sees it use stickers and a chatbot to help raise awareness and funds for tiger conservation.

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) has launched a digital chatbot and sticker fundraising campaign via instant messaging on mobile phones to help in the global conservation of tigers.

The campaign coincides with global awareness raising event World Animal Day on 4 October and involves the charity linking up with the messaging app Viber.

Through the partnership Viber has created tiger themed stickers that can be downloaded and used within messaging.

Each sticker comes with a clickable paw shaped button that leads to a dedicated WWF tiger conservation fundraising page.

Viber will also match fund donations made via its stickers.

Tiger themed chatbot

Once the sticker is downloaded it leads users to a tiger-themed chatbot that asks quiz questions and the chance to win prize.

“The stickers are inspired by the behaviour of wild tigers, but are also expressive and easy to use in daily conversations, said Viber.

“Additionally, they will be able to learn more about tigers behaviour from the chatbot, which will give users the option to receive weekly updates with interesting information about these beautiful animals.

“Did you know that tiger activity patterns vary by season and prey activity but are most active at dawn and dusk? They are sometimes active at night too — this is more common if there is a human disturbance nearby.”

As well as images of tigers the stickers contain slogans such as “on the prowl”, “I’m watching you” and “I feel trapped”

A particular concern of the WWF  is the problem of tiger farms, where the big cats are being bred in captivity for the illegal wildlife trade.

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