Why work with fundr?

We work with a very special team of experts, who are constantly helping our organisation grow from strength to strength. Some of the globally-recognised companies involved in our growth are:

NatWest Bank – We are proud to say that we are a part of the NatWest Accelerator Programme which enables our organisation to scale and grow on a commercial level with help from the expert NatWest Accelerator Management Team. We are located within the bank’s Newcastle Quayside offices, meaning that the process of managing our numbers as they expand is simplified by already being in a financial environment. We also have full backing from NatWest for all banking facilities, which has been a huge help to us from the very start of our social impact fund-finding mission.

TUS Park – TUS Park, or Tsinghua University Science Park, are a Chinese Science and Business University with over 30 global locations, an impressive 400 companies, and an outstanding 25,000 employees working under the TUS umbrella. We are working closely with TUS Park Newcastle to expand our global connections while enhancing our brand image on an international scale.

FIS Global – FIS™ are the world’s largest global providers dedicated to financial technology solutions. Their services empower us with payment-processing and risk & compliance services. The fact that we are working with the largest fintech solutions provider in the world not only delivers peace of mind to us, but to our clients.

Creditsafe – Creditsafe are the global business intelligence experts, specialising in business credit checking and all-around B2B solutions. We are working closely with Creditsafe for all KYC (know your customer), AML (anti-money laundering), and individual/business identity checking services. It is imperative that we protect all of our clients from fraudulent activity at all times when using the our social impact fund-finding platform.

COC – The Chamber of Commerce has been helping businesses grow their network, knowledge, influence, and reach for over 200 years! The foundations of what is today the North East England Chamber of Commerce were created in 1815, when a group of business leaders recognised they could achieve more if they worked together for the good of the region. The North East Chamber of Commerce is the region’s largest business membership organisation, with 3000+ businesses registered. We work with the Chamber to raise our business profile on a national scale. With the Chamber’s connections going all the way into The Houses of Parliament, this is a perfect opportunity for the fundr brand to be seen and heard in the most powerful boardroom in the country.