STEAM Workshops – Educating Through Engineering

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STEAM Workshops – Educating Through Engineering

STEAM Workshops provide young people with the opportunity to learn about the world around them by solving problems through vocational workshops and training.

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Durham, UK, United Kingdom (UK)


There is currently a national shortfall of engineers and a lack of gender diversity in the engineering sector, in order to solve this problem Phil Allan has founded STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) Workshops.

Phil is a degree qualified Mechanical Design Engineer, with industry experience in a number of engineering contexts such as Industrial tooling design for medical, defence, aerospace and renewable energy equipment; earthmoving bucket and mining equipment design. As a qualified STEM delivery professional with a Maths PGCE and 4 years of experience in teaching engineering and maths qualifications in colleges, Phil found that many learners had little experience of Engineering and had not considered it as a career until leaving school. A main reason for the lack of experience in engineering is because many schools are unable to deliver the national curriculum requirements for utilising Computer Aided Design and emerging technologies such as 3D Printing.



STEAM Workshops provides young people with the opportunity to learn about the world around them by solving problems through vocational workshops and training. Offering a wide range of workshops, clubs and courses; STEAM workshops allows learners and teachers to access innovative technologies and processes that would otherwise be inaccessible through traditional schooling. By utilising 3D-printing, CAD, CAM and much more, learners can create functional models of anything they can imagine!

STEAM Workshops is currently a mobile operation, Phil and his team travel to different schools and organisations to teach workshops and as the organisation grows in popularity, the mobile aspect is becoming more challenging due to the requirement for more equipment and machinery. The next step is to open a ‘Community workshop’, a central location where Phil and his team can run STEAM workshops, where there will be more space for more equipment, projects and participants.



STEAM Workshops is looking to raise the large capital input required to help launch the ‘Community workshop’ to great success. This round of funding will initially help with the property purchase or long-term rental costs, building fit out costs, specialist machinery purchases and post twelve months business overheads. The community workshop will be a much-needed asset to our young peoples’ future career history, and with the opportunity to franchise the STEAM Workshops model around the UK we could see this to be a national success, enabling all young people to have access to this wealth of knowledge and experience that STEAM Workshops possesses.

All project costs are segregated into various critical project demands, including:

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Trademark Registration
  • Property Purchase or Long Lease
  • Premises Fit-out Costs
  • Machinery & Tooling Costs
  • Franchise Programme Setup
  • PR Services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Legal + Insurance



Engineering is a sector that will always be needed, it is imperative that we provide children and young adults with the knowledge, experience that they need to be inspired to choose an engineering career.

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